Train the Butt and Thighs with Weights

The buttocks and thighs are probably the regions more targeted for weight loss and stand after he conquered the abdominal muscles and the waist – – especially for women. Men, however, will surely be better with well-defined muscles at the rear end.

Some people carry weight in this region as a matter of genetics and gender. Women have a tendency to concentrate weight there, while men often put it preferentially around the waist.

No problem: if you want to lose it or make it firm, below are some of the buttocks exercises that can help.

Muscles of the upper butt and legs

Here are the main target muscles for these muffins are attractive. Please note that you cannot lose fat directly from a specific place, but you can direct muscle building, which is what will that look “tight” – all without excessive volume for women who might be worried.

Gluteus maximus (higher muscle in the buttocks)

The musculus gluteus minimus

The gluteus medius

The biceps femoris (thigh)

Semitendinous muscle (hamstring)

Semimembranous (hamstring)

These exercises emphasize the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus (rear) and the thighs, particularly the backs of the thighs, the hamstring. The front of the thighs will also obtain worked with some of these exercises such as squats and lifting earth.

Lunges, weighted or not.

The dumbbell or barbell squat body,


Good morning.

The back of a kick out

The abduction of the hip cable.


Swiss Ball leg curls and bridge.

The press of the foot in angle.

Clusters of leg standing on the machine

Lunges. The axial of each leg forward alternately bent at the knee. Make sure that the knee extends on the toes. Modifies this with dumbbells in each hand to hand or with a light weight on the shoulders.

You can do lunges forwards or backwards, step by step, or on foot.

Squats. Squats can be done with free weights, dumbbells, or only with the weight of his body. See how to do squat. This is one of the best exercises for the development butt and thigh done correctly, which means that you should not stay long in the front. It emphasizes excessively the knee and the front part of the thigh. Also descend until the thighs are parallel to the ground.

Deadlifts. The survey, land is a great exercise all-round to form and the force around the legs, buttocks, and upper part of the building. You need to practice good form with a gift for your back is not a position vulnerable.

Good morning. This exercise highlights the buttocks and the hamstring. Hold a bar on your shoulders in the position of the squat or dumbbells in the trapezius muscle shoulder with dumbbells, pointing to the front. Bend forward with your back straight and buttocks and feel the hamstring stretch. The legs can be straight or bent according to the flexibility of the trunk.

Cape kick back. With the machine pulley cable, involves an extension of the fist around the ankle with his fist and the cable in the lower part of the machine. Facing the weight of the battery, take the leg back against the weight as much as comfortable and return.

The abduction of hip joint of cable. Using the same machine cable and the cuff, the position yourself so that you are side to the battery weight. For the leg furthest from the stack and move the leg outward against the weight and return to the centre. Legs alternatives for both years.

Stepups. Reinforcement for one stage at least 6 inches (15 cm) and down again, with the alternation of legs work the glutes very well. You can add more work holding dumbbells in each hand.

Swiss Ball leg curls. Lie back and rest your heels in a sphere. The bridge back and buttocks with your hands on the floor for support and roll the ball back and forward to your knees straight leg at an angle. This is an exercise you can try when more advanced you have more control and strength.

Press the foot at an angle. The angle of the leg press is similar to the standard leg press but with an inclined position of the seat. This makes the buttock muscles butt work more.

Clusters of leg up machine. Leg curls in the machine is a standard exercise for the muscles in the back of the thigh, especially the group of tendon. The buttocks below, the gluteus maximus, work a little too.

There ‘s a lot here to choose still does not end there. The variety of exercises of butt and thigh is fairly large. Here are more loaves, hip and thigh exercises to choose if you feel tired.