How to Swerve a Soccer Ball With the Outside of the Foot

A shift of football, also known as a curve, the curl or curve, happens when a player kicks the ball with the external part of his foot, so that the ball spins and curve to the side instead of going in a straight line. Divert a shot may move the ball in a curve around defenders and catch them off guard. For the players of right foot, an outer shift will move the ball to the right, while a left-handed player will deviate to the left.

Things that you need

  • Cones of practice

Drag the external part of the foot kicking against the ball, starting in line with the ball on the side closest to your foot. Work with outside of your foot right behind your little finger. You should note that the ball starts to change as you kick it. This is the spin that you need to deflect the ball.

Approach to the ball in a slow movement. One of the benefits of the curve is that you can do it without breaking the step, which takes the defender off guard. Set up so that the ball is on the same side as your foot kicking.

Step with the foot of the plant behind and to the side of the ball, giving you enough space to fully swing leg kicking. Point your knee – kicking and the feet towards the general direction, who wants the ball to go. If you are running away, this stage will not have almost no time.

Your foot kicking knee and gently turn in when your foot is closer to the ball. You will need to make contact with the outside of your foot just below your little finger. This will give the spinning ball that he needs to make a curve outwards.

Hit the ball with the outside of your foot in its median line, not too close to the ground or very high on the ball. Hit the ball too low will cause the let down and divert a solid maintains some initial contact with the soil. When you approach the ball and strike it on the inside, or the side closest to your foot kicking, to give the ball to rotate.

Continue with your kick in the opposite direction of its target, once you made contact with the ball. This will give the power of the shot. Adjust the position of the foot kicking and your leg up to deflect the ball toward your target.