Train the Butt and Thighs with Weights

The buttocks and thighs are probably the regions more targeted for weight loss and stand after he conquered the abdominal muscles and the waist – – especially for women. Men, however, will surely be better with well-defined muscles at the rear end.

Some people carry weight in this region as a matter of genetics and gender. Women have a tendency to concentrate weight there, while men often put it preferentially around the waist.

No problem: if you want to lose it or make it firm, below are some of the buttocks exercises that can help.

Muscles of the upper butt and legs

Here are the main target muscles for these muffins are attractive. Please note that you cannot lose fat directly from a specific place, but you can direct muscle building, which is what will that look “tight” – all without excessive volume for women who might be worried.

Gluteus maximus (higher muscle in the buttocks)

The musculus gluteus minimus

The gluteus medius

The biceps femoris (thigh)

Semitendinous muscle (hamstring)

Semimembranous (hamstring)

These exercises emphasize the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus (rear) and the thighs, particularly the backs of the thighs, the hamstring. The front of the thighs will also obtain worked with some of these exercises such as squats and lifting earth.

Lunges, weighted or not.

The dumbbell or barbell squat body,


Good morning.

The back of a kick out

The abduction of the hip cable.


Swiss Ball leg curls and bridge.

The press of the foot in angle.

Clusters of leg standing on the machine

Lunges. The axial of each leg forward alternately bent at the knee. Make sure that the knee extends on the toes. Modifies this with dumbbells in each hand to hand or with a light weight on the shoulders.

You can do lunges forwards or backwards, step by step, or on foot.

Squats. Squats can be done with free weights, dumbbells, or only with the weight of his body. See how to do squat. This is one of the best exercises for the development butt and thigh done correctly, which means that you should not stay long in the front. It emphasizes excessively the knee and the front part of the thigh. Also descend until the thighs are parallel to the ground.

Deadlifts. The survey, land is a great exercise all-round to form and the force around the legs, buttocks, and upper part of the building. You need to practice good form with a gift for your back is not a position vulnerable.

Good morning. This exercise highlights the buttocks and the hamstring. Hold a bar on your shoulders in the position of the squat or dumbbells in the trapezius muscle shoulder with dumbbells, pointing to the front. Bend forward with your back straight and buttocks and feel the hamstring stretch. The legs can be straight or bent according to the flexibility of the trunk.

Cape kick back. With the machine pulley cable, involves an extension of the fist around the ankle with his fist and the cable in the lower part of the machine. Facing the weight of the battery, take the leg back against the weight as much as comfortable and return.

The abduction of hip joint of cable. Using the same machine cable and the cuff, the position yourself so that you are side to the battery weight. For the leg furthest from the stack and move the leg outward against the weight and return to the centre. Legs alternatives for both years.

Stepups. Reinforcement for one stage at least 6 inches (15 cm) and down again, with the alternation of legs work the glutes very well. You can add more work holding dumbbells in each hand.

Swiss Ball leg curls. Lie back and rest your heels in a sphere. The bridge back and buttocks with your hands on the floor for support and roll the ball back and forward to your knees straight leg at an angle. This is an exercise you can try when more advanced you have more control and strength.

Press the foot at an angle. The angle of the leg press is similar to the standard leg press but with an inclined position of the seat. This makes the buttock muscles butt work more.

Clusters of leg up machine. Leg curls in the machine is a standard exercise for the muscles in the back of the thigh, especially the group of tendon. The buttocks below, the gluteus maximus, work a little too.

There ‘s a lot here to choose still does not end there. The variety of exercises of butt and thigh is fairly large. Here are more loaves, hip and thigh exercises to choose if you feel tired.

6 Great Pickup Lines For Men or Women

A very good line has several purposes: to break the ice, to start a conversation, show interest and / or meet someone better. So if you are looking to chat with the strange beautiful you see every day on line at the cafeteria, or trying to make conversation during a first date, try one of these lines to capture large easily cover all four criteria and see where the conversation takes you.

1. What is your name? Ask that someone with a first name or last name is unusual is a big line, especially if they have a story to tell. If nothing else, you will learn more about their interests for the fund and family history and can do more questions as they provide more details.

2. How do you fit in the picture here? There are several variations on this issue, such as asking how someone knows the host of the party, or how they found the band whose work you are in. This type of question is especially fun if you are in a meeting, where everyone seems to know all the others, because many times you will have presentations to all the others.

3. If you win a free education, what would you go back to school or you could come back at all? Not only this issue tells him that they went to the school (and if they took the class level post secondary course in all), but also provides a hint about their goals, aspirations and dreams.

4. Can you suggest something? Depending on where you are, will determine what exactly you are asking for a suggestion for. Coffee shops and bookstores and libraries are great for this icebreaker, as local restaurants, bars, sports events, and groceries. To ask for the opinion and advice for someone, you are showing your interest, and if you accept your suggestion, you can then compare and contrast their experiences to a little more than a chat. Transforming this sung at a date also is not very difficult, ask them if they would like to explore more of everything that has been suggested, together, at a later date.

5. You can achieve this for me? Maybe you ‘re trying to get a touch of sunscreen on your back, or maybe you are incapable of achieving something on the top shelf. Anyway, this icebreaker will receive both in physical contact (if not to play in the case of the sunscreen) so that you can make eye contact smiling to show your interest. Do not let the apple of the eye away with a simple “clear”, however; try to start a conversation on the item in question or sunscreen really help or some other item related in the vicinity.

6. You look familiar. We met with John – crazy, unusual or bizarre event insertion here? This sung works in any situation, as long as you have a meeting of readymade place with which to begin with. Maybe try to tame, but unusual “metal basketwork class” or “poetry under water” or weird, “pistachio nut eating contest”. The point is to make person forget about John and ask about the exciting event that you mentioned. You will get bonus points if you actually may come with a real life collection that requires explanation and a more thorough discussion.

More Great Pickup Lines

How to Swerve a Soccer Ball With the Outside of the Foot

A shift of football, also known as a curve, the curl or curve, happens when a player kicks the ball with the external part of his foot, so that the ball spins and curve to the side instead of going in a straight line. Divert a shot may move the ball in a curve around defenders and catch them off guard. For the players of right foot, an outer shift will move the ball to the right, while a left-handed player will deviate to the left.

Things that you need

  • Cones of practice

Drag the external part of the foot kicking against the ball, starting in line with the ball on the side closest to your foot. Work with outside of your foot right behind your little finger. You should note that the ball starts to change as you kick it. This is the spin that you need to deflect the ball.

Approach to the ball in a slow movement. One of the benefits of the curve is that you can do it without breaking the step, which takes the defender off guard. Set up so that the ball is on the same side as your foot kicking.

Step with the foot of the plant behind and to the side of the ball, giving you enough space to fully swing leg kicking. Point your knee – kicking and the feet towards the general direction, who wants the ball to go. If you are running away, this stage will not have almost no time.

Your foot kicking knee and gently turn in when your foot is closer to the ball. You will need to make contact with the outside of your foot just below your little finger. This will give the spinning ball that he needs to make a curve outwards.

Hit the ball with the outside of your foot in its median line, not too close to the ground or very high on the ball. Hit the ball too low will cause the let down and divert a solid maintains some initial contact with the soil. When you approach the ball and strike it on the inside, or the side closest to your foot kicking, to give the ball to rotate.

Continue with your kick in the opposite direction of its target, once you made contact with the ball. This will give the power of the shot. Adjust the position of the foot kicking and your leg up to deflect the ball toward your target.

How to Get Big Soccer Legs

Goal, goal, a field of professional soccer runs between 100 and 130 yards, with a width of 50 to 100 yards. By executing this distance a dozen times in a game to kick a soccer ball can create some serious leg muscle. Off the field, football players to complete a series of intensive exercises regularly to keep your legs toned and ready for the games. The best way to have the legs of great football is to train as the players themselves. Some of these exercises will require some weight based on their level of strength, but others require nothing more than their own body weight and a pair of legs strong.

Things that you need

  • Football
  • 20 plastic cones
  • The football field or other flat surface
  • Barra
  • The equipment of the press.
  • The equipment of undulation of leg extension /
  • 2 dumbbells

Exercises without weights.

Sprint up to build strong legs and cardiovascular endurance. Run up a hill and run down, with a minute or less time resting on the bottom. The size of the hill will determine the number of repetitions, you can run, but you have to look at a hill where five to 10 repetitions is challenging, but not impossible.

To build the strength with double bounces, an exercise classic football. Stand with feet together, toes forward. Jump as high as you can and get your knees to your chest. As soon as their feet on the ground, jump out of a second time, bringing the knees to the chest again. The earth and return to its original position. Repeat 10 to 30 times.

Use your soccer ball to perform jumps. Put the ball on the ground and stand next to him. Jump on the ball to the other side, and then back again. Continue tirelessly to jump as many as you can. The higher the jump, better training for your upper thighs and calves.

Set your plastic cones in two lines of 10 cones each. The cones in each line must be approximately 10 feet away from each other, and the two lines should be approximately 5 feet away. Weave in and out of a line like you dribble a soccer ball. Weave through the second line as you return to its original position, keeping control of the ball through the course. You can also circumvent the course, alternating between the lines, or doing figure eights around cones that are side by side. This exercise works your legs while teaching you to control the ball.

Sprint, using the limits of a football field. Start at the finish line and sprint as fast as you can to the center line. Running back, then run to the penalty box and back. Then run to the line of penalty and back. These exercises are also known as suicide sprints, and you can do them in any field or flat surface. If you do not have a football field to practice, divide any surface into thirds. Sprint the total length of the surface and back, then run to the line approximately two thirds and back, and then the line of a third and back.

Exercises with weights.

Squat with the extra weight of a bar. Use a bar heavy enough that you can do three series of 12 to 15 repetitions, but you could not do many more. The number of repetitions and series is ideal for building muscle mass. To execute a squat, hold the bar behind the head and through your shoulders, toes pointed forward and the hip – width apart. Bend your knees and stretch your tailbone, as if you want to sit in a chair behind you. Keep your back straight. This exercise tones your legs and buttocks or the muscles of the buttocks.

Grab a weight on your shoulders. Starting in a standing position, feet first. A step forward with your right leg and bend your knees. Return to start, and then to go out with his left knee. Aim is three sets of 12 to 15 reps on each leg. This exercise works the buttocks and quads. You can modify this year through a reinforcement for the side with the leg instead of a step ahead. This is called a shot out of hand and also works on the buttocks and the quadriceps or the group of muscle along the front of your thigh.

Work your glutes, quadriceps and hamstring, conveying in a machine press leg. The typical leg press requires that you feel when you push a platform at an angle of 45 degrees with the feet. Implement three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions.

Work your quadriceps in a machine for the extension of the leg. Adjust the machine to which you are sitting in a vertical position and the lever quilted is just above his feet. Straighten your knees and lift the lever. This equipment can usually be converted into a leg, machine wave, by adjusting the seat to lie on his stomach. If not, use a separate machine leg waviness to work their limitations. To adjust the machine to the lever quilted is against the back of your ankle and then bend your knees to lift the weight. Use enough weight that you can do three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions, but little more.


Exercise your calves with increases of veal. For this exercise, stand up straight, feet on the ground. Press the tips of the feet to lift your heel up in the air. For the resistance, hold a bar behind the head and through your shoulders, or grab two dumbbells in his hands and under his shoulders. You should use enough weight to make only three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions.